If you open the Jack-in-the-Box! Lid stuffed clown pops out and with the battery! Monitor’ll sing the Happy Birthday! (Button battery LR44 × 3 pieces)

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Commodity Description
It will become a rut in the same feeling every time. Opponent will also now take care rut continues. It is Arigachi I may not have the effect of higher straight of the whole body shot of you had expected. Because it is because you have noticed that you come hit any opponent. So the fact that you hit the hook irregular, it is effectively the next hand, I hit a stretch! Size (closed): vertical ··· 6.5cm, next to ··· 8cm disposable type ※ insulator because it contains, please use the always taken. When Nasaru available, such as surprise, pulled out after confirmation of the insulator, it is your undermanned, but we recommend wrapping yourself.

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