Rules of the game: 1. one to four people to participate in the game 2. Pirates mounted on the barrel, and screw a few turns 3. Players will turn their dagger (dagger) pierce the barrel on a different hole. Pirate parties can determine before the game outside the pop-up tub win or lose 4. According to the bucket in one hand and the other hand on the dagger stabbing jack barrel, the pirates find out which hole to make it pop? After careful consideration of the dagger stabbed into it (once every twist pirate, outer barrel to make him pop a hole to change once) 5. Do not play games, but also as a pot of money to use the bucket, please Hu baby black bottom end of the barrel cap alignment, and to the left (right) rotation, will be able to cover open

Product Features

  • Can play game with your friends also can be use for Money Box
  • bucket, black pirate sword red, blue, yellow, green, six each)
  • For 1-4 Player game
  • Contain 24 Piece 17*12.5 CM Sword Toy